Heaven: Through Pearly Gates (English Edition) por Hope Reynolds

May 20, 2019

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Heaven: Through Pearly Gates (English Edition) por Hope Reynolds

Titulo del libro: Heaven: Through Pearly Gates (English Edition)

Autor: Hope Reynolds

Número de páginas: 26 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: January 20, 2015

Editor: Heaven is Real Publishing

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Heaven is Real

How can we contact passed loved ones? What is Heaven really like? Learn about the things they don’t have in Heaven. How do people react when first entering the Spirit World? What do Spirits feel like? Learn how to get extras in Heaven as well as how to ground yourself while still here on Earth. Is there a specific way for us to communicate with the angels in our lives? All this and more is included in Hope Reynolds’ January 2015 book.

Hope’s daughter, Aimee was born in the Year 2000. When she began telling vivid stories of heaven and speaking with angels, her mother was surprised. One day, Aimee pointed at a large round clock up on the wall about thirty feet away. The hands on the clock immediately began spinning forward. With a flick of her wrist, the hands on the clock changed direction and started whirling backwards. Aimee looked at her mother and asked, “Do you believe me now, Mommy?”

Please feel free to click on the book in order to preview it - I think you will find it well-written and insightful. Also, this is not a strictly Christian perspective - I'm sharing how the spirit world actually works, and it will most likely vary from anything you've heard before. We use a portion of all of the Hope Reynolds' books' proceeds to purchase flocks of chickens and geese through Heifer International for families around the world living in poverty.

A Best Seller in the Angels category since Publication

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Table of Contents

You’re in Heaven More than You Know
A Road Trip to the Towers
A Near-Death Experience
Heaven is In a Worm Hole
There is No Place for Hell
People are Surprised When They Die
A Vision from the Other Morning
Mom – Earth Isn’t Really Well-Supervised
Your Mind was Wiped Out!
Dodging a Bullet with a Ouija Board
On Bad People
Do I Know My Guardian Angels?
Can You Feel Them?
On Losing a Loved One
Paying Respect to Passed Loved Ones
What’s the Deal with Aimee?
Heaven is More Real than Earth
What You Think Really Does Matter
How About Some Good News?
Things They Don’t Have in Heaven
Extras in Heaven
Connecting with Archangels and God
Ground Yourself with Nature
Who Are We Communicating with – And Where are They?
Meditation to Clear the Channel of Light
In Conclusion

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